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Original Airdate: May 24, 1985
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Plot Summary - Mike and Ham, attempting to find Mike's son Sean, are captured and placed in a Visitor detention camp.  There they meet up with Robin and attempt an escape.  Diana plans to use Nathan's son Kyle to secure the Starchild.

Detailed Review -


Freedom Network Medal of Valour - The Freedom Network Medal of Valour is awarded this week to Kipper Cordesco of Cleveland, Ohio.  Kipper led his senior class to Bear Point, Kentucky where they routed a Visitor patrol amid heavy fighting in the Appalachian Mountains. See notation about this Freedom Network broadcast on the page for Episode 4.

Bloopers and Nitpicks

Memorable Moments -   
Diana: Jane Badler
Lydia:  June Chadwick
Elizabeth Maxwell:  Jennifer Cooke
Willie:  Robert Englund 
Juliet Parrish: Faye Grant
Ham Tyler: Michael Ironside
Mike Donovan: Marc Singer
Nathan Bates:  Lane Smith
Robin Maxwell: Blair Tefkin
Elias Taylor:  Michael Wright
Kyle Bates: Jeff Yagher
Guest Stars

Pamela Ludwig, Xander Berkeley, Christian Jacobs
Patricia Allison, Charles Macaulay, Burt Marshall, Herman Poppe
Michael Abelar, Mary Baldwin, Fiona Guinness, J.D. Hall, Greg Zadikov
Executive Producer:  Daniel H. Blatt
Executive Producer: Robert Singer
Supervising Producer:  Garner Simmons
Producer:  Dean O'Brien
Creator: Kenneth Johnson
Writer:  David Braff
Director:  Ray Austin

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